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The Music Academy is a not-for-profit community 苹果彩票pg59 of music dedicated to providing high quality, affordable instruction and performance opportunities to academy students, regardless of age or ability. It is the mission of The Music Academy to inspire in students a life-long love of music and the arts. The Music Academy is a member of the National Guild of Community Arts Education. As a Guild 苹果彩票pg59, we believe the arts are fundamental. We believe excellent instruction and expert individual education in the arts continue to be an important and vital factor in the welfare of all people. We believe the arts give meaning and wholeness to all human existence, extending from the life of the individual to the community and ultimately to our entire civilization. Thus, it must follow the pursuit of the arts is the rightful heritage of every individual and not the privilege of the gifted few. Therefore, in this as in every other sphere of human activity, the highest quality of artistic endeavor must be made accessible to all interested persons.

From our parents and students


The boys are presently on speakerphone with Candy Lovan. I have always been impressed with Candy’s ability to teach, and to teach my boys in particular. However, today she is going above and beyond the call of duty–and it is working so well.

She knows each of them so well that they can get right down to business and each boy is getting something helpful and growth-worthy this afternoon—it’s truly impressive!

Thank you for providing such excellent staff.

Mary McNamara Bernsten
Executive Director, Rockford Area Arts Council
Piano student mom


Hi Marti–

I am wondering what you are hearing from Music Academy families. I reached out to one, the other day, and got this gem from a parent from Tricia’s studio:

“I keep telling her to practice, practice, practice and use this time to accomplish some things in piano she didn’t know she could accomplish so quickly!… Don’t know what we’d do if she didn’t have her piano right now!”

As I’ve counted up my losses– mostly temporary!– I’ve quickly come to realize that the “issue” is much bigger than having my lessons disrupted, or not being able to meet again with the Adult Performance group, or having recitals canceled, or not being able to go to camp in the summer.  I’m concerned about the future of the Music Academy, not just for what it does for me, but also for how it benefits others who are a part of it (as well as the Greater Rockford community), and how it will continue to benefit the next generation to follow.

As we wait for things outside of us to happen, over which we have no control, we also need to take positive action.  I just made a donation to the Foundation.  I know you are working on finding ways to “carry on” despite this period of quarantine, but I am clear that I have already received much more than my “money’s worth” from my lessons, my relationship with my teacher, the many opportunities and experiences I have had through the Academy, and the relationships I have built with others I’ve met there, who share a commitment to good music and to studying an instrument.

I’m sure the Academy is like a lot of not for profits right now, figuring out how to re-invent itself and/or its “way of business,” to meet needs so its “members’ will continue to invest in the organization and the organization can stay afloat.

Some of your families are carrying on as though the next lesson and recital are just around the corner.  Some may be feeling guilty for letting practicing slide.  Others may be so pre-occupied with problems that music is not even on their radar screen.  How can you preserve a relationship with all of them?  How can you help families share their “successes” and tips and connect with and support one another?  And how can you advertise positively on your website, so that someone visiting it for the first time knows there is still something vital and vibrant there”?

I’m sure you feel the weight of responsibility right now, and  I hope you will tap into the creativity of your staff and your “constituency” to solve the problems ahead of us:  How can we use music– ours and others’– and our resources and connections as part of the Rockford Music Academy, to get us (as individuals, families, and an organization) through this time?

I don’t have the answers.  But I did want you to know that I’m thinking about you and “our” Academy, that I support it, and that I am here to add my creativity to the mix.

Colleen McDonald
Adult piano student